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  • This section contains course materials for ADOA Experts. Click on the link to see the course materials listing.

  • This course will cover the duties and responsibilities of a Contracting Officer's Representative

  • The purpose of this course is to provide you with the information and tools that are necessary to perform contract management duties. Learning will take place through lecture, exercises, quizzes and class discussions. The COR is the primary technical representative for the agency. You are the "eyes and ears" of the contracting officer. Therefore, COR input is critical in selecting the right private industry source and monitoring contractor performance. We hope that this course assists you in performing your job more efficiently.

  • Covers the basic acquisition process, but concentrates on the Post-Award Phase of the process. Covers subjects such as an Overview of the Acquisition Process, Post Award Orientation Conferences, COTR Roles and Appointments, Unauthorized Commitments, Modifications, Monitoring (Inspection and Acceptance), Disputes, and more. May also be used for basic COR training, as well as Refresher Training.

  • A one-day overview of the entire acquisition process.

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